Picture credit: Kasseler Kunstverein

Wake up in nothingness

Living sculpture & installaion

Dimensions variable

Kasseler Kunstverein, Museum Fridericianum

Kassel, Germany


Wake up in nothingness

The project stems from the concept of the presentness and the obscure future which is expressed through very challenging and ever-changing definitions of death from past to present. After visiting Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité, a medical museum in Berlin, the artist relates knowledge she gained to fairy tales told by the Brothers Grimm—German linguists who lived in Kassel, Germany between 1816 to 1818 and published originally known as the Children’s and Household Tales. Grimms' Schneewittchen (Snow White,1812) recounting the story of a princess who awakens after falling into suspended animation and lives happily ever after. A tale was published after the heavy medical debate on suspended animation. The C.18 idea of reanimating corpses which was highly popular among medical scientists and widely recounted in Gothic literature is the result of the fear of being buried alive. The definition of death has been changed according to medical advances. We are getting close to not being dead and struggling to get a hold on the brink of being alive. 

Wake up in Nothingness, a mixed-media installation which displays living sculpture, still life, glass sculpture, and brass sign. Drawing upon an artistic process of exploring, collecting, categorizing everyday objects and the interpretation of fragility of existence. Crucial organ was carefully preserved and using very fragile material while natural-dry unfired clay that was composed as still life, it is the testimony of existence which is ephemeral. Living sculpture is the artist’s body hanging horizontally in safety harness who concentratedly maintains her body’s center of gravity. Try to be in equilibrium is the state of dealing with being alive and lifeless. Resuscitation, being alive, being lifeless, and hopeful life extension is a key component of this very work. 

This work has been produced as part of the residency funding from the Early Years  project #2 for Young Artists by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in collaboration with Kasseler Kunstverein.

Absurdity in Paradise

Exhibition: 31.08. - 28.10.2018