Photo courtesy of Tadu contemporary art

Under the skin


Wood, plaster, brass

h30xw78xd9 cm


Under the skin

Glass Sculpture

Blown glass, fabric, brass

h200xw55xd15 cm

Timeless held: Artists revisiting the overlooked, TADU contemporary art by Thaiyarnyon


Under the skin (2018) is the reflection of human body, reinterpreted in relation to materials. Drawing upon her interest in physical flexibility that corresponds with body movement. Flexibility is induced by the tension between joints and muscles, between internal and external organs, between body and life conditions.
The poetic sculptures developed from the physical tension, A plaster piece hung horizontally on the wall while glass sculpture hung vertically from the ceiling, which illustrates the balancing act of body.

 © 2018 by Alisa Chunchue All rights reserved.