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The Resonance (2020-ongoing)

The Resonance which began in 2019 was inspired by the daily record of my hospital experience and by reading When Breath Becomes Air, a book written by an American neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi. In his book, Kalanithi addresses that the root of  "disaster"  means a star coming apart. The word then connotes the devastation of lives and a family torn apart by illness. The project was developed as an analogy for written evidence and then interpretatively expressed through artistic practice. The project consists of two main parts: drawing and sculpture.

Drawing is an artistic practice embodied by sculpture. Drawing of this project is divided into two parts. The first is an interpretation of the journal of medical procedure I experienced and of the imagination of the chaotic condition of the cells, tissues, and blood cells breaking apart in which the body loses its power to control. The second part of work is from a meticulous and well-ordered repetition inspired by the wound suturing.  The parallel concept of both parts shows that tracing is to leave a mark on an object, which is the same way medical devices leave scars on the body.

Sculpture is an inference drawn from the stage of reading and drawing. The disintegrated state presents two conditions: emotional and physical. The fragmented pieces work as the metaphor to the shattering comes after the violent collision. With my keen and constant interest in the transformation of the body spoken through material language. The key material employed for sculpture is stainless steel. Its sharpness and shininess is intentionally employed to signify medical devices.

Human body is subject to physical law. Sickness is a mysterious stage while death is the cessation. Disaster then becomes a crucial turning point that leads to introspectively consider the cycle of the human body.

This work has been awarded the microgrant with contribution from AFA masterclass 


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