Site-specific installation & Performance
Blown glass,water,cloth,stainless steel,mirror
alcohol, silicone tube,synthetic leather
vitamin, fluorescent light
h250 x w743.6 x d743.8 cm
Early years project: Anticipation, Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok


Our body is intertwined with a social context and condition which determines our domicile pattern, well-being and consumption behaviour. The convolution of this intertwining starts from individuals to a larger society through our physical and mental health. In the time when the society walks through a change of culture, economy and well-being quality, our body naturally adapts so that we can survive the fierceness of the change. Physical and mental illnesses seem to be the worst moment in life. Watching the patients is like looking at unreachable world. That we could only feel from personal experience.

Facts collected from self-observation as well as the artist’s personal experience with patients inspired Alisa to contemplate on the relationship between life and time. 

OVERDOSE stems from encountering separation and loss of an intimate relationship due to illness.  The work explores the concept of caring, fatigue, and loneliness we witness. From this premise, the artist has contained her thoughts and components in the site-specific installation. Body has become a sculpture that interconnects with time, quietness, and objects as in real life. With a durational performance, it is split into three scenes: freeze, clarity, reading. During six hours of performance, time will be lengthened and action will be repeated. Body slowly moves and occasionally stops within the space. She reveals the gap between body and reality where individuality plays an important role through improvisation of the performers while the audience freely explores. This will foster temporal relationship between the artist and the audience through closeness and distance. 

The room was constructed to give one point perspective related to the view from the entrance of an intensive care unit (ICU). An artificial blue light, water, alcohol, vitamins, stainless steel together with glass sculpture represent chemical substances which flow all over the space. The body absorbs such substances as if the blue light permeates and infiltrates into objects, body reflects intracellular accumulation through illness and medical procedure. Each component of this project is both made and found. This is an act of perception and reaction. We are either here or there; being visible and invisible; heard the audible and inaudible. This is a space for healing and a time drowning in loneliness, is the cruelty of our contemporary reality. 

 © 2018 by Alisa Chunchue All rights reserved.