Single channel video
4096 x 2160,4K, color, loop, silent
01.24 minute


We now communicate through the resolution of images. Images have erased the distance between us.  Images are also used as a tool to explore and as visual evidence of medical diagnosis determining diseases and disorders. Medical images reveal the complexity of the human body to the cellular level to us. Autopsy is a medical prognosis based on pathology which engages medical equipment, data, and experiences in order to declare the riddle hidden inside the human body better than the naked eye can see.    

 Ocular (2020) is a single-channel video which reveals the microscopic photos of internal organs of patients with respiratory diseases: pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, and pulmonary hemorrhage. All are retrieved from autopsy reports that are publicly published over the Internet. The video footage consisting of more than 1,000 high compressed photos are dissected to show the parts while some of them are blown up to yield pixel-level images. The parts and the whole appear on the screen alternately. They signify the shift from the microscopic viewpoint to macroscopic one which denotes the conversion of internal and external world. These photos are the explicit evidence that confirms the existence of the missing parts and those that appear to the eyes. They are visual prophecies of the human body that have succumbed to death.  

 © 2018 by Alisa Chunchue All rights reserved.