Mirror stage

Mixed-media installation and performance

Mirror, metal frame, TV screen, photograph, 2 channel sounds, speakers

Dimensions variable

PSG Art gallery, Silpakorn University


The word ‘Self’ possesses an abstract definition yet we discover our ‘selves’ through learning and also observation of our own body and its conditions; this indicates personal identity and also becomes the cornerstone of self-understanding. From childhood to present, the adulthood, the corporeal observation of body suggests the changes during this significant period of time; senses, visions and self-understanding have changed during this aging process. In childhood, identity is constructed through imitation of one’s parents and as we age, influenced by the growing knowledge and environment as well as increasing self-determination, we finally realize and understand the importance of self and identity. The connection between ‘self’ and its senses along with personal mental experiences links one to understand the definition of and how to become (one) self; the cognitive part of our body connects with the physics, consequently, we realize this abstract and ideal identity through the touchable, concrete matters

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