Alisa Chunchue 

Bangkok, Thailand

Alisa Chunchue is a visual artist known for her sculpture, multimedia installation, performance collaboration. The genesis of Chunchue’s work extends outwards from the primary of the investigation of body and self. Today, the definition of birth and death are variable. How can we examine our existence? How would we define individuality while the effects of control are inscribed in our bodies? How do we encounter a loss of an intimate relationship due to physical changes? These concerns have formed Chunchue’s practice, which focuses on re-imagining the visceral, materiality, face-to-face experiences of on site-specific installation.


The influence of medical experiences are central to her work. She has a keen interest in the human body as a testimony to our collective anxieties about health and the invisible substances absorbed in the internal systems. Through her artistic practice, she investigates the body’s organs and parts, as well as its medical treatments and procedures. She draws on the inherent nature of each chosen material she works with – be it synthetic or organic – to exhume its unique essence, emphasising her deep physical exploration of the body to its cellular level by portraying them through different contextualization and methodologies.

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